About Technology Solutions Group

Technology Solutions Group (TSG)

For over 24 years, TSG has been quietly developing solutions in hard-to-solve niche areas. We develop software, hardware and applications to  transform, automate & simplify business processes.

Our technology platforms are quietly working behind the scenes in systems large and small to help private and public sector organisations to operate efficiently.  We create and develop start-up entrepreneurial ventures and new businesses. We look for iterative and scalable business models in different industry verticals.

To fund growth and inspiration, our team has to be forward-thinking and pragmatic in creating innovative and intelligent designs that have commercial application.

Robust Application

The TSG computer engineer development team love the challenge of finding smart solutions. Our core team works with specialist expertise where needed.

We blend a lights-out philosophy with a human centred design approach – automated systems that enhance the human experience of the business service interface.

Our simple, powerful applications work. The technology is robust  & secure. And the software delivers differentiated business productivity with  data analytics to provide valuable reporting & feedback .

If you have a unique organisational puzzle that needs a special touch, we are up for the challenge. Or if you have a project that seems to be stalling, talk to us to see if we can fast track results.

Have a look at what we do and contact us to discuss your needs – a new challenge or a current unresolved project.

CEO Comment

Our purpose is to develop technology solutions (hardware and software) that work for your business. While we initiated development of our current two technologies – MP and YQ – these continually evolve and improve based on customer feedback and needs.

Our best ideas come from our customers. And as our products and services add more value to our offer, the more valued we become. It is our guiding principle that all our business relationships, especially with customers, are mutually beneficial. If we don’t believe the customer is benefiting, we will tell them.

We develop needed products that are robust and reliable. This means we spend our time talking to customers about things they want to talk about, like improving their business, rather than spending time working on problems. We are easily accessible, we answer the phone – customers can call with confidence and know they are going to get support. We do what we say we are going to do. Always. We let you know if we can’t do it. The problem with many big companies, is that often when they scale up, they scale down customer service as it’s expensive to do it right.

The benefit of our approach is easy to see – reliable products that work and a win-win customer orientation. We have large organisations, many small businesses and thousands of their customers using our products. And we achieve this with a lean and agile TSG team as well as an extended core contractor team.

  • Stephen Teudt, CEO