MPass Technology and MealPass

MP Technology ™ – cost allocation tracking systems

MP Technology ™  is a custom solution that automates the matching of a user to an entitled benefit to a cost centre for accurate allocation of costs and billings. We call it MPass Technology after the first solution in this genre, MealPass, developed for the Australian Defence Forces.

At its core, it is a self-serve system that automates usage and linkages for counting, allocation, billing and monitoring. Suspected breaches are audited and tracked back to the end-user or provider, depending where the breach occurs.

Potential applications

  • MealPass is capable of adaptation for international military use or other analogous systems (for example, mining sites, major construction sites, large corporate canteens)
  • Cost allocation tracking for services (outsourced or in-house delivery) to employees/end-users
  • Entitlement access & management for events/conferences
  • On-demand ticketing of order selection

MP Technology ™ in action for MealPass

Benefits of MealPass:

  • Dramatically improved cost recovery
    • net positive return, system pays for itself
  • Improved compliance to entitled benefit (easy audits)
    • increases honesty (and culture of honesty) by end-user and service delivery provider
  • Improves efficiency, automated
    • no sign-in sheets
    • reduces workload of service delivery staff
    • reduces workload of payroll/HR/procurement staff
    • real-time data analytics (improves billing, planning, compliance)
  • Fast
  • Secure & robust – uses an independent communication system

MealPass is an accurate and reliable data capture and reporting interface between military mess catering contractors and the Australian Defence Forces.

We created the MealPass system as a custom-designed application for the Australian Defence Forces, specifically applicable to military mess records and arrangements.

The MealPass system keeps clear and accurate data to calculate the payments and exemptions that apply to each meal served in military messes around the country –day in, day out, throughout the months and years of operations.

It ensures all relevant details are recorded so that the outsourced catering contractors can invoice accurately for meals supplied to the defence forces so that overbilling or inaccuracies do not occur.

Responsible for dramatic overall savings to the military, the system ensures that private suppliers’ billings are in step with actual consumption, while also taking into account a host of billing and other variables that depend on a soldier’s duty status and single-priced meal entitlements at any given time.

This smart technology is now serving nationally as an interface and means of data capture between the Australian Defence Forces and the private contractors servicing all military catering contracts. While others had tried to develop systems that would serve to monitor a multitude of factors in garrison support contracts, our system is the only one to have overcome technical barriers to present a viable solution.

Critically for military applications, MealPass is not dependent upon the military’s secure communications systemsMealPass operates independently and securely of usual organisational communication infrastructures.