What We Do

We work with industry (private and public sectors) to develop smart customised technology solutions to deliver business process efficiencies (and often differentiation) to end-users of these business services.

We develop and innovate new system solutions from scratch and also shape our custom-created and designed technologies to meet the unique needs of different industries, departments, applications.

We currently have two core custom created technologies:

MP Technology ™ – cost allocation tracking systems

MP Technology ™  is a custom solution that automates the matching of a user to an entitled benefit to a cost centre for accurate allocation of costs.

It was first developed by TSG as a unique system for the Australian Defence Forces to provide a solution to simply & cost-effectively automate meal entitlements, service provider delivery and billing.

  • first developed & implemented in 2000
  • ongoing software and hardware engineering & continuous improvement (now in 5th generation)

YQ Technology ™ – online ordering solutions

YQ Technology ™ is a online ordering and app solution for businesses, providing an easy ordering interface between end-user and supplier across all devices.

  • first developed and implemented in 2011 as YQme ™ for the hospitality industry, in particular for cafés, restaurants, pubs, caterers, suppliers and takeaway food outlets.
  • ongoing software and hardware engineering & continuous, dynamic evolution