YQ Technology and YQme

YQ Technology ™ – online ordering solutions

YQ Technology ™ is a online ordering and app solution for businesses, providing an easy ordering interface between end-user and supplier across all devices.

We proactively created this solution as a mobile ordering app in 2011 to enable cafés, restaurants, pubs, caterers, suppliers and takeaway food outlets to easily access technology to grow their own brands and businesses. We called the hospitality product, YQme ™ as a benefit to the end-user, the restaurant customer who wants to order ahead of time and not queue up.

We are in process of developing further solutions using the core YQ Technology ™ for different online ordering applications, in all kinds of open or closed system environments (public or intranet)

  • meal online ordering systems (for example: Education; Health – hospitals; Large corporate canteens)
  • any product/service online ordering systems

YQ Technology ™ in action for YQme

Benefits of YQ Technology ™:

  • Branded solution to the business
  • YQ Technology ™ offers support services or the business can self-service via a DIY portal (making changes to menu; marketing to end-user)
  • Data analytics real-time reporting – daily, weekly etc. Facilitates planning and staffing.
  • Facilitates business/user relationship, building loyalty by delivering convenience
  • Patented communication system

We custom-designed and developed this personalised, branded online application for businesses and organisations to fast-track ordering processes, increase sales and streamline workflows.

Our smart technologies allow your business to receive and process orders by apps suited for phone and web browsing interactions. These branded apps, website menus and supporting marketing strategies are available at a realistic price to help work systems flow seamlessly in customer-service oriented businesses and trades.

How it works

Restaurants receive orders on the YQme display iPad app or printer and the customer receives confirmation at the same time, allowing the order to be filled and delivered or collected efficiently and promptly.

A fully-integrating online ordering system, YQme allows you to create your own deals and promotions and display them in the app, for single or multiple locations.

See our website at www.YQme.com.au for more details and pricing.